How To Write Indian Rupee Symbol Rs. On Blogger, WordPress Using API?

Oh after I a long trial and error method finally somehow succeeded writing Indian Rupee Symbol on its own symbol Rs. on my WordPress blog. The new Indian Rupee symbol Rs. can be easily be written on blogger, WordPress and webpages using API method and CSS stylesheet method. Yes you are right there are actually 2 ways we can turn any Rupees into Rs. .

I noticed many of Indian blogs run on blogger and WordPress making of use of earlier way of representing Indian Rupees. I really want to inform all Indian webmasters that to make use of API method and get converted all previous written Rupees presentation automatically into latest Rs. symbol. Its we who need to notify all other world about this changes and get our latest Rs. symbol on the top of any other currency symbol.

How To Write Indian Rupee Symbol Rs. On Blogger, WordPress Using API?

How To Write Indian Rupee Symbol Rs. On Blogger, WordPress Using API?


Yes this is simplest and easiest method. Just add a JavaScript on your header.php for WordPress or on blogger add it between <head> .. <body> and get all your previous Rupees into latest symbol presentation Rs.

1. Login to your WordPress admin or Blogger dashboard, goto Header.php [WordPress] or Edit HTML [blogger]

2. Copy and paste the below JavaScript between <head> .. <body>

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

By doing this API method all of your old Rupees on older post get automatically converted to latest symbol Rs. .


This method is applicable mostly for Static HTML/CSS based Web pages that we develop on Adobe Dreamweaver. But also can be used on WordPress, blogger too. Just add the below stylesheet on style.css [WordPress] and similarly on Edit HTML [blogger] and Save. But this method I won’t recommend because doing this method wont change the previous post Rupees into Rs.

1. Copy and Paste the below style before on WordPress, blogger, or web pages.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">

2. Now goto NEW POST [blogger] or ADD A NEW POST [WordPress] and always make use of either of below options to show Rs.

<span class="WebRupee">Rs.</span> 1000


<span>&#x20B9;</span> 1000

On using either of  above 2 methods the output always remains as

Output: Rs. 1000

Don’t you feel this was a coolest and simplest method for letting the world know about this major development shown by we Indians? Isn’t it  a cool symbol than any of other available currency symbol ;)

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