How to Activate Windows 7 Ultimate with OEM SLP Master Product Key ?  BLACKHAT METHOD

1. Are you also a victim of a cracked Windows 7 Ultimate? No problems! Here is a biggest news for all kinds of such users. Windows 7 Ultimate can easily activated using product keys that are available for both 32-bit as well as 64-bit operating systems. The users are advised to activate Windows 7 Ultimate in an offline mode followed by passing a Windows Genuine Advantage validation through the product key.

2. There is a product key which is 22TKD-F8XX6-YG69F-9M66D-PMJBM that is responsible for activation of Windows 7 Ultimate permanently. It can also be used for activation of several OEM brands such as HP, Dell, MSI as well as Lenovo.

3. Moreover, there is a System-Locked Pre-installation (SLP) option that can be use for pre-activation of the Windows Operating system. It is introduced by Microsoft. SLP can be used by several OEM as well as version 2.1 in order to grant support towards Windows 7 and Windows 2008. This option requires a SLIC that comes with a new Windows Marker.

4. Through an extraction of the OEM certificate as well as OEM product key, the users will get confirmed that Windows 7 is digitally signed. It can also be used in Windows 7. Microsoft has signed on OEM certificate as well as its Private key along with OEM key and OEMID.

5. The extracted product key has responded effectively to activate Windows 7 Ultimate. It can be used to activate both 32-bit as well as 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate immediately. However, the users can’t be used it for activation of Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic. There are several Windows 7 activators along with Windows 7 activation toolkits and Windows 7 Loaders in the market.

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14 Responses to How to Activate Windows 7 Ultimate with OEM SLP Master Product Key ?  BLACKHAT METHOD

  1. deividutis says:

    How to activate Windows 7?
    The best way to do that is Chew-WGA, EASY to use (simple steps,some clicks to finish),
    works on all versions (Ultimate, Professional, Home premium, etc.)
    Download here:
    More info:

    Or use other program called Windows 7 Loader
    Download here:
    More info:

  2. DEV says:

    oh thanks,the window 7 master key is working

  3. HASAN says:

    thanks for the product key it actually works i used to have windows 7 professional but now windows 7 ultimate thank to who ever posted it

  4. HASAN says:


  5. herry says:

    Please give me windows 7 ultimate’s product key of 32 bit o.s. (build 7600)

  6. hicefire says:

    am trying it thanks

  7. mirza says:

    thank you sagar rai

  8. lokesh says:

    awesome bro it actually works well done sagar the legend

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