5 Killing Samsung Galaxy S Free Apps with Download Link

Android market is full of free and paid applications. Google has already hit the market with 70,000 apps and more than a billion download. Samsung Galaxy S comes with lot of applications that are pre-loaded, below mentioned are some of the free applications of Android that can be downloaded to Samsung Galaxy S phone.

5 Killing Samsung Galaxy S Free Apps with Download Link

5 Killing Samsung Galaxy S Free Apps with Download Link

5 Killing Samsung Galaxy S Free Apps with Download Link

1. Advanced Task Killer: Samsung Galaxy S comes with 512 RAM but it is much better and faster compared to other phones. The Advanced Task Killer app provides process of one click killing to you. To end all it also has a handy widget. Download Advanced Task Killer here.


2. Kindle: The amazing thing about Kindle application is that it bears in mind about what page did you leave and takes you to that page automatically when you launch Kindle applications of Amazon, it may be Kindle for iPhone, PC or any other device of Kindle. This is very convenient and provides it single step up on many other e-book reader applications available today. You must have e-book app for your Samsung Galaxy S Android handset. Download  Kindle


3. Internet Radio Pandora: We all know that Pandora is a internet radio. This is the best thing to have in your Samsung Galaxy S phone. You will be provided with 7 home screens in this phone and you can customize the Widgets here. By installing Pandora, you can have the convenience of listening to internet radio. Download Pandora now.


4. TV and IMDB Movies: Android market is the largest movie database in the world and with your Samsung Galaxy S phone you can find showtimes, get TV listings, watch trailers, keep tab of Blu-Ray/DVD releases, and search the database which has more than 1.5 million TV shows and movies. Get IMDB app here.


5. Google Goggles: It is a visual search app which google lets you to capture picture of an object with the help of your camera and it will try to identify it. It attempts to recognize 8 types of places and objects such as landmarks, books, artworks, places, logos, wine, text and contact information. Download Google Google here.


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